Heartland conference, 22/09/2022 Batonyterenye, Hungary

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Heartland conference, 22/09/2022 Batonyterenye, Hungary

HEARTLAND is an innovative collection of 84+40 easy-to-use tools to tackle early symptoms of burnout, stress, anxiety. HEARTLAND combined tools proved to be useful for helping professionals and youngsters with pandemic and crisis related stress to build their own resilience. HEARTLAND easy-to-use tools are sourced from a base concept that all the profound disciplines – expressive arts, outdoor education, basic psychoeducation – can be simplified for adult educators,  youth workers / trainers while they / their groups still benefit from the learning scope of the original methods. The combination “HEARTLAND mandala” supports participants to raise their level of well-being through discovering the abundance of their internal/external resources.

 HEARTLAND creates the vision of a compact/practical tool set (that improves resilience skill set) as a landscape, from where all the end users: helping professionals, youth workers, adult educators, trainers, social workers can choose tools/modules to best fit their working circumstances and they can create their own practice, applying well-being in a tailor-made form. It is unique in the way of combining different disciplines in an easy-to-use modular system.



Interactive workshops


Personal resilience curricula

Innovative methodological experiences

Innovative collection of 84+40 easy-to-use tools to tackle early symptoms of burnout, stress,anxiety.

Presentation of self-directed learning tools for support professionals

Presentation of online learning opportunities that support professional activity

Round table discussions - Who helps the helper?

International experts as workshop leaders

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