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Future is Youth

Network for youth workers and organizations

Future is Youth

It is an open network of sixteen partner organizations from Europe, who provides opporrtunities for European youth, with special focus on youth at risk.

The network empowers, engages and connects youth & youth workers to enhance social integration, active citizenship, democratic dialogues, resilience.

It develops the quality of youth work to attain positive changes all over Europe.

What we do?

We connect local youth organizations with European opportunities and resources. We create wider pathways for the learning and growth of youth.

This network builds on this bigger “team” of youth workers and organizations, and multiplies the resources and opportunities available for everyone involved.

A lot of resources are dedicated to educational youth programs in Europe. One aim of these programs is to support young people who have less support and more difficulties in the early stages of their lives.

There are “local heroes’, youth workers, and organizations who make an important difference in the life of these youth. These local actors often seek to expand the horizon for the young people they support, but their resources are limited.

We support young people in overcoming obstacles they face and making it possible for them to participate in learning programs that are more accessible for youth with less challenging backgrounds.


- Experiential Education;

- Facilitating group processes, non-formal learning, team building;

- Coaching - supportive conversation;

- Solution focused approach;

- Trauma informed approach;


- Tools of artistic expression. 





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