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Erasmus+ KA1


WANDERLUST is an Erasmus + KA1 project, which aims to address youth workers who want to work with resilience and wellbeing approaches and tools during the two times 10 days residential learning activities & the HEARTLAND online course participation. The project was born inspired by the “HEART” method – the synergy of outdoor experiential education and art methodologies.


- recognition of wellbeing development reached at an individual and professional level thus building a positive self-confidence of youth workers and their young target groups;

- recognition and visibility of positive influences of resilience within non-formal learning and youth work context in general.

- to involve “disadvantaged youth workers” (early symptoms of burnout and exhaustion)

- support the longevity and satisfactory youth work careers and paths

- to create innovative adaptations and develop local youth work through a combination of safer, more inclusive approaches to youth work that is accessible to disadvantaged - mild mental health related young people.


- Élményakadémia  (Hungary) - Leader; Associazione La Città del Sole (Italy); Via Kreaktion (Germany); Outward Bound (Románia); Outward Bound (Croatia); Synergy Bulgaria (Bulgary); Lugar Especifico (Portugal); Association Experientia (Spain); Rabais Kakis  (Lithuania); Move to be You (Austria).


Pubblicato il 08/04/2023

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